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Farsons Double Red

Brewed with passion

Farsons Double Red

Brewed with passion

With an ale this dreamy newly available in a can, we knew we needed a luxurious and dramatic visual style to match.

Farsons Double Red Strong Ale is a new drinking experience, and it’s all thanks to a built-in secret weapon within the can - a special widget technology which releases the perfect amount of nitrogen, resulting in tiny bubbles for a distinctly refreshing finish which is creamier and smoother than ever.

Visual Style

We wanted our video to tease the viewer and drive home the message that Double Red Strong Ale is something special. Starting with slow close-up shots, we created intrigue in the lead-up to a dramatic reveal of the can - ending with a grand finale of the beer in action, with the crisp sound of the ale pouring into a glass for a close shot of the perfect surge.

Social Media

We then launched our Double Red Strong Ale video on social media. We made sure everything about it, from product-teasing lighting to enticing sounds, would help introduce an entirely new sensory experience to the Farsons lovers’ community - in the smoothest way.

Client Name

Farsons Double Red

  • Film Direction

  • Film Editing

  • Product Launch

  • Social Media Strategy

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