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La Valette

Quenching the thirst for timeless branding

La Valette

Quenching the thirst for timeless branding

Marsovin is extremely proud of its oldest wine in production. So we wanted our rebrand to respect the ageless prestige of La Valette.

We started by changing the shape of the bottle. Attention to detail had to be kept in mind throughout; from thinking of how natural light would fall onto Grandmaster de Valette’s iconic sword, to including his genuine signature on the labelling. 

We decided to go for an entirely elegant aesthetic. Whilst bringing out the best we possibly could from the La Valette brand, we also wanted to acknowledge the importance of the wine’s history. 

A series of billboards served to gradually reveal the ‘Evolving Together’ campaign. We wanted to prepare the public for a change in La Valette’s look, especially the change in the bottle’s shape.

La Valette is also the official wine for Valletta 2018: Capital City of Culture. Our next task was to link the wine to the capital city through TVCs and social media. We looked at what makes Valletta unique, and narrowed it down to the architecture, the culture and the people. 

By taking into consideration different traditions and historical periods that played a part in the legacy of Valletta, we launched a campaign highlighting the city’s beauty and landmarks. We further steered promotion related to Valletta 2018 with an innovative yet familiar image; the city of Valletta in the La Valette bottle. 

For social media posts, we felt that candid and relatable images of some of the capital city’s most renowned characters would be ideal. Tying in tradition with modern technological means, the posts generated high engagement nationwide.

In just a few months, the rebrand contributed to an increase of over 50% in sales. Reception from customers improved hugely, with wine experts and the public alike providing positive feedback. So much so, the rebrand is being expanded into another Marsovin wine collection.

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La Valette

  • 3D Modelling

  • Brand Film

  • Brand POS

  • Digital Media Campaign

  • Identity

  • Illustration

  • Packaging

  • Script

  • Traditional Media Campaign

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According to the client, the rebranding contributed to over a 50% increase in sales in just a few months. Product perception around La Valette shifted completely. So much so, that other Marsovin wine collections are being aligned with this rebrand.

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