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MSV Life

Capturing precious moments

MSV Life

Capturing precious moments

Planning life insurance is not a comfortable topic to discuss. MSV Life faced the challenge of raising the taboo subject to ultimately sell more MSV Savings’ Plans.

We created a compelling story. Since life and death affect us all, we wanted to drive home the message that we all need to play a part in preparing for the unexpected.

In a one-minute video that was set in ‘rewind’ to illustrate the unexpected stages in life, we helped MSV deliver an emotional and engaging message. The video followed one man’s journey throughout the various experiences he had through life - from summers by the pool as a child, to starting a family.

We directed the TV commercial, from storyboarding to editing, prop and location scouting, wardrobe, editing and project management. The final result, was an emotive and poignant video aired on national TV.

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MSV Life

  • Creative Direction

  • Film Direction

  • Film Editing

  • Script

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I liked that we didn’t play it safe. We played with a number of elements, such as, backwards playback and slow motion. The video was shot and edited in two days

Jeremy Debattista - Creative, BRND WGN

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