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Adding global value


Adding global value

More than 2 billion people, 53 independent states. The Commonwealth is no simple feat.

CHOGM - the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting - reached out to us for a brand that engaged with the world, in the run-up to November 2015, when the meeting was to be held in Malta.

We were challenged to break down the perception that CHOGM is unappealing to a younger audience. At the same time, we were to raise awareness of the meeting’s agenda. It was essential to create a brand that was different to previous Commonwealth meetings, while reaffirming core values and principles and showcasing Malta as a Commonwealth success story. 

Through a series of discovery sessions, we articulated the brand around three pivotal areas: diverse people, respect towards different cultures, and hope for the future. It soon became apparent that the four fora - the Business, Youth and People’s Fora and, for the first time, a Women’s Forum - were detached from the main CHOGM identity. We wanted to bring them together so we created a unifying look and feel - all under one umbrella brand.

With a contemporary and welcoming style, we conceived an identity that used geometric shapes embedded in Maltese culture. Built on a grid based on the Maltese Cross and the St George’s Cross, we first created the four fora logos and injected them with a dynamic explosion of colour, reflecting the interwoven and diverse cultures and traditions of Commonwealth countries. We incorporated those four icons to create the main CHOGM logo, a combination of shapes, colours, cultures and nations, making it a brand truly representative of the Commonwealth.

Repositioning CHOGM as a more engaging and fresh brand, we crafted detailed brand guidelines and designed a new CHOGM 2015 website to be accessible and informative for everyone - from delegates seeking accreditation, to members of the public. As a result, an interactive, easy-to-navigate portal for the brand was developed.

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  • Animation

  • Brand Architecture

  • Brand Positioning

  • Creative Direction

  • Development

  • Identity

  • Insight

  • Script

  • Tone of voice

  • UI design

  • UX design

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This was a great opportunity to showcase Malta with a dynamic brand experience that caught people’s attention.

Katerina Karamallaki - Creative Lead, BRND WGN

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